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What we mean by "Pet Friendly"

We're animal people ourselves, so we understand the needs of your traveling animal companion.  We're set up to make it a safe, easy and relaxing place to stay with your pet.  There are no extra charges for having an animal companion at the XbarH, and we don't have any breed or weight restrictions.  All well-mannered pets and their responsible humans are welcome.


Walking Mongo at the XbarH

The XbarH pet policies are simple.  We'll ask that you complete our Pet Guest Form and bring it with you when you check-in. 

All visiting pets must be up-to-date on rabies vaccines and dogs must be up-to-date on bortedella vaccines.

We ask that your pet be flea-free - a treatment before arrival to control these little pests is greatly appreciated.

Dogs must be leashed and supervised at all times when outdoors.

Dog also must be monitored when they're in the common areas of the lodge.  Really, that just means don't let your dog beg at someone else's table when they're eating or sleep on their bed when they're not looking!  kittens


It's a people & pet friendly kind of place, where you and your dog or cat 

will know that you're truly welcome.


Lodge guests with feline traveling companions or sleepover cats from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary are asked to keep your cat in your room.  There are many hiding places in a lodge this size, so your guest room is a safe and secure place.  We have comfy cushions, toys and wide, sunny window sills that offer a visual delight for cats. They'll love it here too!


XbarH Guest Dog, Rudi

Sleepover dog from Best Friends Animal Society

If your plans include destinations that aren't pet-friendly, your pet is welcome to remain in your room during your absence.  Since we live on the property too, we're around to keep an eye on them, give them lots of TLC and are even happy to take our visiting dogs out for walks while you're away, if you like.  We want all of our guests to enjoy their time here!


Sleepover dogs and cats from

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

are always welcome!


 Pet Safety at the XbarH


Visiting pet tags

We're as careful with your pets as we are with our own

XbarH GoBag

We'll ask that you keep our Visiting Pet ID on your dog or cat while you're staying at the XbarH.  These tags have our local information and phone number and increase the chance that your dog will be returned if you become separated while you're hiking.  That's not really a problem for our cat guests, but we'll ask that they be tagged too just to be safe.

You'll also find an XbarH "GoBag" in your room in case of emergency.  Let's face it, none of us want to think about emergencies while we're on vacation, so we've taken care of it for you.  Each "GoBag" contains a 24 hour supply of food and water for your pet, a leash, flashlight, blanket, Utah map, directory of pet-friendly services in our county and a copy of the XbarH Evacuation Plan, which includes directions to our pre-arranged evacuation sites.  We hope that these bags are never needed, but feel that it's always best to prepared!


 XbarH Lodge

People & Pet Friendly Accommodations